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Join the journey towards forming more intimate and mindful connections

'a space for singles to explore romantic possibilities'

Experience Dating Differently in the Retreats

We asked ourselves questions like - Why is dating exhausting and tiresome today? Why does it feel meaningless and mundane? What is missing? The advent of dating apps might have made connecting possible and yet difficult - make a profile, select photos, swipe-text-swipe! The thrill just goes missing with all of this. 


Now imagine going on a date with child-like openness and playfulness! You are having smiles and laughter amidst conversations that touch your heart. There are also pauses and reflections that evoke insights. And what follows is a new yet deep friendship, forming almost instantly, with a sense of belonging.


Prem-a-Culture dating urges you to bring in self-love and awareness and enjoy the beautiful adventurous journey of finding a partner.

Upcoming Conscious Dating Retreats

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Residential Conscious Dating Retreat #1

Oct 7th - 9th, 2022

Open for : 31 - 45 yo

Near Lonavala

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Contribution: 16000 - 36000

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“I would do it again if there was a chance and recommend this to friends.The idea of flirting without hurting stood out for me”- Anil


The retreat gave me time to slow down & intentionally take steps towards relationships- Tushar


It was enriching, reflective, healing and beautiful. I feel more confident about dating than I was ever..- Supriya


“The facilitators are experts in organizing such emotionally charged events and it felt great to interact with them.”- Satyajeet

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