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Dating and connecting
the conscious way



a more loving evening...

It's Valentine's day! While all days are days of love, this one is special as it situates itself at the onset of spring! A time when the earth blooms into flowers and the horizon is covered with beautiful colors. It marks as a reminder to tend/nourish to the love that is innate to our hearts.


Welcome to the heartfelt Prem-a-Culture offering "a more loving evening" designed for couples to meet each other in a new light! We have designed a date for - you and your date! Come over to have authentic meaningful conversations and a lot of fun with your partner. Take this chance to create new happy memories and ..... Lets celebrate the togetherness with love-filled conversations and activities crafted to make you fall head-over-heels all over agian. 


To gift  your valentine this beautiful and meaningful date Register here.


Make yet another happier memory with your beloved -

- Bring in more admiration 

- Another reason to celeberate your relationship

- Have conversations that are meaningful and that do matter

- Bring in growth and intimacy

No upcoming events at the moment


Dating and connecting consciously for earnest/purposeful relationships!

We are nurturing a culture of love by providing spaces for authentic, meaningful, and playful connections.

Gain clarity, equip yourself to find a partner, and navigate your long-term romantic relationship amidst the new-age complexities. Join a community of daters who are open, curious, and finding love within and without.

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Feel the pressure to date because all of your friends are getting hitched? Are you dissatisfied with dating apps? Bored of texting with your matches on matrimonial sites? Are you confused and don’t know if a relationship/marriage is for you? Are you commitment-phobic?

Dating is more like shopping these days. With a swipe, you approve or discard humans. Mindlessly swiping, judging largely on the basis of appearance or assets. The heart space is often missing and so, it is increasingly difficult to trust and to know the authenticity.

This superficiality leads to a mental burden, disappointments, heartbreaks, loneliness, and much worse - infidelity, separation, trauma, etc. If you’ve gone through this, we feel you. We’ve been there too.


We need to find newer ways of connecting and knowing each other…


Not-so-speed dating

Enjoy dating with its inherent qualities of electricity and excitement, meet curiously with spaciousness to tune in and generate interest.

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In an ambience of love and openness, find yourself amidst conversations that are fresh and soulful. Feel touched, nourished and lively.

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Intensity meets


An experience that captures the depth of human emotions through a balance of deep and lighthearted conversations, activities and games

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Human face vs

an interface

Move beyond the chat-based interaction, have the first conversation looking at each other. Date the person, not their profiles.

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A community of

conscious daters

Use this space as a playground for dating. Practice conscious dating tools together to reflect on your current patterns in romantic relationships and get clarity.

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Nagpur, Jaipur, Mumbai

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