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Dating & connecting the conscious way

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Why Prem-a-Culture?

We are nurturing a culture of love by providing spaces for authentic, meaningful, and playful connections.


Gain clarity, equip yourself to find a partner and navigate your long-term romantic relationship amidst the new-age complexities. Join a community of daters who are open, curious, and finding love within and without.

Feel the pressure to date because all of your friends are getting hitched? Are you dissatisfied with dating apps? Bored of texting with your matches on matrimonial sites? Are you confused and don’t know if a relationship/marriage is for you? Are you commitment-phobic?

​Dating is more like shopping these days. With a swipe, you approve or discard humans. Mindlessly swiping, judging largely on the basis of appearance or assets. The heart space is often missing and so, it is increasingly difficult to trust and to know the authenticity.


This superficiality leads to a mental burden, disappointments, heartbreaks, loneliness, and much worse - infidelity, separation, trauma, etc. If you’ve gone through this, we feel you. We’ve been there too.

 We need to find newer ways of connecting and knowing each other…

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