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Singles Meet Up

@ Lonavala via Pune


Uniquely Crafted Socialising Gathering

How about spending a whole day in the company of friends who are looking for meaningful time together?

Lake at Dusk

Loneliness seems to be causing a silent pandemic.

Human connection is so grossly missing in our day-to-day life, and even more so when we are single. Where are spaces of real connection?!


Well, we decided to take things in our own hands! And presenting...

Singles Meet Up, a gathering for singles to meaningfully socialise with each other. It is a non-dating space for group interactions between singles that come together from a diversity of age, gender and sexuality and can be their true authentic self without having to enact, fake or box themselves into something or as someone. The idea is to connect to ourselves and each other through meaningful prompts and fun filled games.

Sitting at a lake at sunset
Remote Lake

Each meeting, each event is unique.

“Which two days of your life have been exactly the same? None, right!?” 


Similarly, each gathering we organise, design and host is unique and is different from others in terms of group, interactions, activities, themes, etc. This particular gathering is a trip to and through a naturally beautiful place in Lonavala. It is our first full-day Singles Meet Up. We offer this with much love, creativity and intent.

So get ready! To meet people without masks and open up to share what's your story! Designed to ensure the comfort of introverts, extroverts and ambiverts alike.

How to go about this?

Five simple steps to join -

  1. Buy your ticket by paying to the QR code / UPI ID / Bank account mentioned here.
    Regular ticket - ₹4,999/- | Discounted ticket: ₹4,499/-

  2. Send us the screenshot of transaction on

  3. Fill the form that we will send you.

  4. Be ready to give a short interview.

  5. Await for the confirmation of your participation.


If you have attended a socialising / dating event with us before, you will only have to do step one and step five.

Transfer details Prem-a-Culture QR UPI Bank account.jpg

Discount terms and condition

​You can get the discount, if you -

  • Get a friend of yours to register for the event - applicable for female / other gendered singles only (not male).

  • Have attended a ticketed event with Prem-a-Culture before.

More -

  • Discount applicable only if we confirm selection of both - you and your friend.

  • 15% Discount will be availed on each ticket (including yours).

  • If you invite more than one friend, the discount will be the same.

  • If you have already bought your ticket, we will refund you the discount money.

  • Discount applicable on ticket amount - ₹4999/-.

Kindly Note

  • Read our cancellation and non-selection policy here.

  • We keep our gatherings free of alcohol / tobacco / any other intoxicating substances.

  • The terms and conditions mentioned on this page are subject to change at the discretion of the organiser.

  • For inquiries / clarification - +91-7828451754 (WhatsApp also available).

  • Get to know more about our work through -

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